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New Headphones

2013-09-24 23:53:40 by iBurger

Hello Everyone!
I recently bought new headphones (the new Beats Studios) and was disappointed by the quality of them. If you people know any good headphones you would want to recommend, please tell me. It would help a lot. I'm thinking of getting the V-Moda Crossfade M100s.


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2013-10-01 11:19:32

I know absolutely nothing about headphones. Using an old pair of Philips SHP2500 myself, they're all I need, probably not the quality you're looking for though!


2014-11-03 23:49:31

wow i'm so late on this but get sennheiser 280s. Beats are terrible and need to be burned

iBurger responds:

Lol yeah. Beats are definitely overpriced and need to be burned. I'm planning to sell them to get another pair. Thanks for the recommendation btw.


2015-04-25 03:36:17